Some things I have made and the software/tools I used

3D printing portfolio

Fully 3D printed bag, magnetic tiles, f-1 car, and more. Spring 2023 I took ME127, a design for additive manufacturing class. Here I learned multiple skills, and as a final project created a fully 3D printed bag that is wearable. Find the full portfolio here

Software: Autodesk Fusion 360, Meshmixer, Ultimaker Cura, Preform
Machinery: Ultimaker 3D printer, Formlabs Resin SLA 3D printer, Ender v2 3D printer.

Marble Machine

Winter 2023 I took ME102, a foundations of product realization class. Here I designed, modeled, laser cut and 3D printed a marble machine that can be refilled with a single handle action. Find the full portfolio here

Software: Autodesk Fusion 360, Ultimaker Cura
Machinery: Laser Cutter, Ender v2 3D printer.

Micro-scale Origami Boxes

Proof of concept Micro-structured Self-Folding Boxes as a base for drug delivery systems. Spring 2022 I took EE17N, an immersive project-based nanotechnology class where I got to spend most of my time working at the Stanford Fabrication Lab. Here, I was working on a project creating self-folding biocompatible "origami" boxes on the microscale (100-1000 μm range ) to emulate a drug delivery system capsule.

Software: Klayout
Machinery: FAB Lithography system

Silver Rings

Learned how to form silver rings through measuring, soldering pieces together, and hammering it into shape using a ring mandrel. This also included pickling the silver, and then polishing it to get the shine.

Machinery: Solder

Plant Propogation Holder

Formed plant propogation holders by drilling one-inch holes into walnut wood, sanding and oiling the wood after. Then this was put together with string. A smaller unit was made with laser cut plywood and attached using wood glue.

Software: Inkscape, Glowforge
Machinery: Glowforge Laser Cut, Drill Cutter, Sander


Using a Brother 6-Needle Embroidery machine, I started embroidery on a more industrial scale. Creating vector images and then formatting them on Embrilliance, I embroidered canvas bags, a jean jacket, and shirts.

Software: Embrilliance, Inkscape
Machinery: Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery

3D Mini Me

3D scan of myself that I 3D printed out.

Software: Preform, Meshmixer,
Machinery: scanner, Form Labs 3D printer

Drink Art Stencils

Plexiglass stencils made to create shapes on lattes or cocktails!

Software: Inkscape, Glowforge Online
Machinery: Glowforge Laser Cutter