Some places I loved enough to write down. Click on the place if you are interested or just scroll down. Maybe eventually I'll make this a map!

New York - Mix

Union Square

  • Fotografiska - Amazing photography museum. Also has cute coffee shop and bar.
  • Patisserie Fouet - french + Japanese bakery


  • Try to get discounted tickets for broadway in Lincoln center

Lower East Side

  • Thrift shopping: Buffaloes exchange, crossroads trading, L- train vintage
  • Cha-An (Japanese tea room with amazing mochi in their take out outlet)
  • Lady Wong east village
  • La Cabra, bakery


  • Met cloisters, medieval branch of the MET

Greenwich Village

  • Mezzo or smalls, great jazz bars

Upper East Side

  • The JP. Morgan Library


  • Go to flushing, and eat dumplings


  • The Brooklyn Museum


  • Floating mountain (tea room)

In general

  • Lady M, the most amazing crepe cakes
  • Try to get discounted tickets for broadway in Lincoln center

More bars/restaurants

  • Please don’t tell - speakeasy
  • Nami nori
  • The butchers daughter < for the lemon drink

Tel Aviv - Restaurants

  • fun:
    • par derrière
    • hatraklin
    • bicciyleta
    • bush wick
    • onza
    • mansua
    • tenka
    • men ten ten
    • romano
  • nice:
    • blue rooster
    • shila
    • mashya
    • taizu
  • cafe:
    • the showroom bakehouse
    • cafeteria
    • citizen
    • bucke cafe
    • cafe xoho
    • anastasia
    • nola america bakery
    • breads & co
  • bar:
    • felix
    • juno
    • chateau shual
    • 223
    • tasting room
    • t house
  • vegan:
    • the green cat
    • urban shaman
    • bana
  • basic:
    • shiratoya
    • bana
    • cichetti
    • the prince
    • habasta
    • fresh kitchen
    • la shuk
    • meshek brazilay
    • coco bambino
    • port said

Bay Area - Hiking

  • sf mona
  • sonoma
  • yosemite
  • Pebble beach/ 17 mile @ sunset
  • Big bear
  • Sequoia national park
  • Pinnacles
  • Yosemite
  • big bear
  • pinicles
  • meir woods
  • sakoya
  • point reyes
  • lake tahoe
  • Monterey whale
  • Camel bike tour
  • hawaii
  • jazz club
  • Angel Island State Park
  • drakes beach - point reyes
  • red woods

Berlin - Mix

  • Supermarkets/Groceries:
    • Lidl - Great for preserved goods or anything discounted, mediocre fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Turkish Market - Amazing, open Tuesday and Fridays from 12:00-18:00, great fruits and vegetables and super cheap. Come late and get free stuff
    • Tip: Get fruits/vegetables from markets. Get bread from nicer bakeries
  • Cafes:
    • Kreuzberg
      • Bully Cafe - cute, great laptop space, has wifi
      • Mephisto - nice, has wifi, ok coffee
      • Cafe Morgenland - good wifi, large menu, casual but nice
      • Two and Two - Cosy french cafe, with good seating and free wifi. No laptops on weekends. Also, they give you icecubes made out of the drink you order (matcha ice cubes for a matcha latte) - nice touch
      • Bonanza Coffee Roastery - great coffee where they roast their own bean, in a cute courtyard. Have no wifi but can still work on laptop.
      • Brick cafe - awesome food, has wifi and laptop friendly. Good vibes
      • The visit - great work cafe, next to central station, solid wifi
      • Breakout cafe - nice work cafe, more open space, has wifi
      • Atlas - such good work vibes, has great wifi and everyone is one their laptop working
      • Nano cafe - cute, laptops only outside but sometimes lets you work inside, great coffee, has wifi
      • Katies blue cat - beautiful baked goods, no wifi
      • Katulki cafe - super cute, has wifi and good seating space, very homey.
    • Mitte
      • The Barn - OG coffeeplace of third wave. Nice. Yuzu coffee not the great. Not awesome to work with laptop but nice to visit
      • Ben Rahaim - Amazing coffeeplace, rose latte recommended, in really nice courtyard, probably less of a work space
      • st oberhalz - Gets crowded but 2 story cafe meant for co-working. Good free wifi, open till 7pm, and have an awesome drink that 80% oat foam
      • Cafe am Neuen See - Awesome beer garden/cafe. Really nice in evenings, next to nature and lake with row boats. Famous for their bread. Very good vibes and close to zoo
    • Prenzular Berg:
      • Zeit fur Brot - Incredible bakery. Get the cinnamon bun it just melts in your mouth. Eat everything here. Recommended.
    • Restaurants:
      • Kreuzberg
        • Doyum - great turkish food, huge portions, reasonable prices, amazing hummus
        • Basmah - sudanese street food, insanely cheap and huge portions. Great snack/late night food. The peanut sauce is awesome
        • Fes - Awesome food, incredible mezzes and good meat. Get the mixed plate. Reservations open a month in advance. Nice vibe
        • Biererei Bar & Vintage Cellar - cool high class beer “bar” that has a huge array of beers on tap and in the cellar. Older vibe
        • Albatros Bakery - incredible bakery with beautiful pastries, sandwiches, and bread.
        • Brezel Berlin - honestly eh pretzels. Very quaint
      • Mitte
        • Kin Za - georgian food, really good food, nice interior, big portions
        • Tajikistan tearoom - pretty cool tea room, not anything super fancy, mostly Russian style food but nice vibes
        • House of wonder - nice cafe to eat, japanese inspired. Nice space but not incredible
    • Museums/ Things to do:
      • Neues Museum - Classic, has amazing Egyptian collection with Nefertiti's busts
      • Pergamon Museum - beautiful architecture, not to big, lots of cuneiform tablets
      • C /o Museum - photograph museum, smaller side with two large exhibitions but interesting layout and choice
      • Aquarium Berlin - Awesome aquarium, cool selection of amphibians and stingrays
      • ka De Ve - I thought it would be overrated but actually super fun. Go to the 6th floor for an array of fancy food and chocolates
      • Krumme Lanke - Fun lake and super convenient to get to from the u3. Walk across the lake a bit till you find a nice spot.
      • Teufelsburg - highly recommended! Once you get near it it will be a short 20 minute hike up, then you get to an old abandoned NSA spy station from the cold war with incredible graffiti. Cash only tickets (around 8 euros) but definitely worth it.
      • Contemporary Art Museums - There are two, I recommend the one outside of Mitte (near jewish museum). Good size, and interesting exhibitions, especially about berlin art progression through the decades
    • Markets:
      • Markthalle Neun - open most days, but on Thursdays they have “Street Food Nights' ' starting at 17:00. Highly recommended, amazing food with reasonable prices and large variety.
      • Friedrichshain Flea Market - IN the middle of the boxi garden, the flea market is open on Sundays, with a small but nice array of clothes and random goods.
      • Flea Market at RAW compound - amazing market also in Friedrichshain open on Sundays. Lots of people just sell their old clothes, so you get known brands for super cheap prices.
      • Maur Park - So fun! Lots of live music and cool stalls. Gets crowded but also brings a blanket and sits by the park.
      • Thai Market at Prenzeleur Park - A bit far but worth it. Feels very authentic but extremely well organized. There are bathrooms and available drinking water. Bring reusable plates/tupperware and they will use it (recommended!). There’s also a small flea market nearby on saturday.